Shareholder Identification

Shareholder Identification Analysis - Reliable, accurate and comprehensive analysis of a company’s institutional shareholder universe is critical to a successful, proactive investor relations program. LS Global Advisors satisfies this need by providing capital markets intelligence services to publicly-traded corporations, investor relations firms and financial institutions worldwide. Combining extensive industry experience and proprietary global markets intelligence methodologies, we offer a wide range of programs. These include benchmark ownership reports as well as ongoing real-time reporting and consulting services to keep clients abreast of rapidly-changing developments. Our in-depth reports analyze and illustrate ownership changes and trends for both domestic and foreign security holders. These comprehensive reports also provide clients with value-added insights uncovered from our intensive investigation and research, including perceptions of the client company obtained from shareholders and the investment community at large.

Our shareholder ID reports are comprehensive in scope, going well beyond traditional registered and public information. We apply our proprietary research methodologies in both developing and developed markets. Experience is key in delivering the maximum in Shareholder ID. While that is true in all markets, it is especially true in developing markets and where disclosure requirements are weak. LS Global employs its combined total of 80+ years of industry experience for the benefit of its clients.