Senior Vice President - Europe

Edoardo (Eddie) Arcari is a seasoned
veteran of the shareholder
communications and proxy...


Edoardo (Eddie) Arcari, a seasoned veteran of the shareholder communications and proxy solicitation industry, joined LS Global Advisory Group in 2016. As Senior Vice President – Europe, he manages the firm’s newly opened London offices.

Mr. Arcari has over 20 years of experience in providing shareholder identification & analysis, corporate governance consulting, and proxy solicitation services to hundreds of corporate issuers in Japan, Europe and the US. In particular, he has deep experience in working on activist situations and proxy fights, both on the issuer and dissident sides. His in-depth expertise in analyzing share registers, decoding custodial chains, and uncovering ultimate share ownership makes him a leading consultant in the field.

Mr. Arcari began his career in the City of London with The IR Group, providing shareholder analysis and related investor relations support services to UK, European and Asian issuers. In 1998, he joined Morrow & Company, where for 18 years, he ran the New York-based consulting firm’s London office.

Mr. Arcari is a graduate of the University of Wales with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He has also undertaken further courses in Business and Information Technology at Middlesex University.