Global Markets Intelligence

Shareholder Identification Analysis - Reliable, accurate and comprehensive analysis of a company’s shareholder universe is critical to a successful, proactive investor relations program. LS Global Advisors satisfies this need by providing capital markets intelligence services to publicly-traded corporations, investor relations firms and financial institutions worldwide. Combining extensive industry experience and proprietary global markets intelligence methodologies, we offer a wide range of programs. These include benchmark ownership reports as well as ongoing real-time reporting and consulting services to keep clients abreast of rapidly-changing developments. Our in-depth reports analyze and illustrate ownership changes and trends for both domestic and foreign security holders. These comprehensive reports provide clients with value-added insights uncovered from our intensive investigation and research, including current perceptions obtained from shareholders and the investment community at large.

LS Global's shareholder ID reports are comprehensive in scope, going well beyond traditional registered and public information. We apply extensive and active investor research methodologies, working closely with the buy-side community with whom we have well established relationships. Experience is key in delivering the maximum in Shareholder ID. While that is true in all markets, it is especially true in developing markets and where disclosure requirements are weak. LS Global employs its combined 100+ years of industry experience for the benefit of its clients.

Investor Perception Studies - Investor perception studies provide important information about how institutional investors currently view a Company, its Management and financial condition, its place within its industry and its future outlook. The studies have strong implications concerning the investment community’s interest and intentions to buy, hold or sell the company’s shares. Both perceived strengths and weaknesses are covered in the studies. Where there is a perception of weakness or underperformance, the studies provide an early warning system to enable the company’s officers, IROs and IR agency representatives to discuss the issues with the investors and provide suitable counter-arguments. In an era of significant investor activism, the perception study helps IROs to keep their boards informed of current investor sentiment and concerns, enabling them to communicate with activists and work with them on their concerns.

As part of its suite of market intelligence services, LS Global provides investor perception studies where our specialist team contacts major company shareholders to determine their perceptions about the company on a wide range of issues. A one-time perception study is the start, but to be most valuable, studies should be taken periodically to determine whether and how the investment community’s perceptions of the company change over time.

The results of these studies provide insights that can be used by senior management when making decisions regarding operational and potential M&A activity.

Debt-Holder Identification - When special events such as tender offers and consents require quick and comprehensive knowledge of a company’s debt-holders, LS Global Advisors provides the intelligence quickly and effectively. Our bondholder identification specialists will often identify the ownership of over 90% of a company’s fixed-income issues, both in the US and around the world. Our reports deliver a comprehensive view of a company’s bondholders across multiple issues, and reflect ownership details down to the fund level, with relevant bondholder contact information.

Activist Investor Research and Consulting - As shareholder activism and cross-border M&A activity continue to grow, LS Global's activist research and consulting provides its clients actionable intelligence regarding potentially hostile investors. Typically provided in conjunction with benchmark ownership reports, activist research is performed discreetly, without making market waves. Of particular significance, clients are often notified of changing ownership stakes prior to mandatory public disclosure requirements imposed by law. LS Global's research has alerted clients of forthcoming shareholder activism. Our consulting also offers expert insights into corporate governance issues including proxy fights, as well as projections of shareholder voting.