How is LS Global different from other market intelligence providers?

A number of significant factors separate LS Global Advisors from the rest. First and foremost, we are specialists in shareholder identification and related areas of research, with a particular emphasis on the global markets. Our veteran staff offers a high level of experience, and a depth of knowledge and unique information resources that are unmatched in the industry. Second, more than others in the industry, we provide rapid, actionable shareholder information in real time to client companies – quick enough for company management to use the information to full advantage.  Third, we are highly focused in what we do best. We do not have a broad array of services that take us away from our core capabilities. Fourth, by applying a focused approach to the services we provide, we translate our expertise into an optimum delivery of services.  Fifth, our pricing is designed to be cost-effective. Our focused business approach and efficient operations enable us to offer reasonable pricing without requiring clients to purchase a package of services containing unneeded or unwanted components. Finally, we provide clients with a level of attentive and personalized service that our competitors find difficult to deliver.