Corporate Governance

Every year, corporations around the world face new challenges and requirements with regard to corporate governance as a result of new laws and regulations, or proposals from activist shareholders. As an integral part of its capital markets intelligence services, LS Global Advisors provides corporate governance consulting to help client companies adjust to these constantly evolving requirements in such areas as: executive and board compensation (Say-on-Pay Voting), board composition, director nominations, shareholder voting rights, environmental and safety issues, demands for increased corporate social responsibility, risk management, enhanced transparency requirements, antitakeover proposals, and many other issues. Through our own independent research, as well as our close relationships with global proxy research firms, we provide clients with solid guidance on the advisability of particular governance actions. We analyze the past voting patterns of institutional shareholders, as well as their current attitudes on many issues, to project their votes on specific proposals placed on the proxy either by the company or by shareholders. Year after year, post-proxy-season analysis has shown that LS Global has been instrumental in guiding clients toward appropriate proxy-related decisions.